The Fake News Scam OfLeovegasControversy

The Fake News Scam OfLeovegasControversy

Earlier looked upon as gambling, online poker games have truly appreciated and enhanced user’s experience on online casino games platforms. Through the years, an exponential and remarkable increase has been seen in the number of players. One of the main reasons for this growing fan base of online casino games is their convenience. The advent of modern technology has made it easier for poker lovers to play casino games of their choice anywhere and anytime. One doesn’t have to travel to Las Vegas anymore. Talking about online poker games all this reminds us of Leovegas, a pretty popular online casino brand.

Leovegas was created by Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ericson in 2011. It is a Swedish mobile gaming company created with a vision and aim of providing ultimate online gaming experience to its users. It also provides online casinos, video poker, and table games. Soon after its launch, the company caught everyone’s attention and started expanding. Owing to the sudden surge in its popularity one might think that this game has been around for years. It has over 900 employees and is one of the biggest leading mobile gaming companies in Europe.


A few days ago, some websites spoke about how the CEO of Leovegas- Peter Newsteedwas fired. He lost his job because of a loophole or glitch in the game’s system. This loophole resulted in the loss of around 45 million Indian Rupees for the company by providing free spins, a welcome bonus for new customers and big jackpot prizes.

However, this news looked doubtful to some users as the gaming company has been targeted before as well. After a thorough investigation, it was found out that there is no such person called Peter Newsteed associated with this game. Moreover, the bonus offers of INR 55,000 mentioned in the news articles was also bogus since the gaming website offers a bonus of INR 85,000.

Be careful about what you read:

Not everything you read online is real, most of it is fraudulent rumours made by others. This type of fake news is very common for the gaming industry since it is full of competition. Be careful about what you read and believe online and react to it accordingly.


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